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Flat Glass

Olathe Glass Co. has been the Kansas City area’s source for premium glass services for over 35 years, especially when it comes to custom cut mirrors. No matter the specifications, we can cut and create the perfect glass pattern to fit your needs. Whether you need square-cut, rectangular-cut, or oval-cut glass, our staff has the expertise and skills to get the job done. We also offer seamed edge glass, a smooth flat polish, or beveling for glass that is 1/4” or thicker. If you’re not sure what size glass you need, our professionals can assist with any questions you have. Feel free to bring in your frame and we’ll walk you through the process.

Custom Mirror
Thickness Options

3/32” – Also known as Single Strength glass, this popular custom glass option cannot be tempered, so it cannot be used in a door or sidelight. Single Strength glass is most commonly used for storm window glass and picture frames.

1/8” – This thickness is widely known as Double Strength glass. 1/8” glass is available in tempered or annealed and in many patterns and tints. Double strength glass is a widely used option for windows, doors, sidelights, and cabinet doors.

3/16” – There are a wide variety of patterns and tints that work well with 3/16” glass. It is available in tempered or annealed and is most notably used for doors, sidelights, cabinets, and builder-grade shower doors.

Safety Glass

According to federal law, any glass going into a door, sidelight, or bathroom must be “safety glass tempered.” At Olathe Glass Co., we have years of experience in making sure all safety glass meets the highest possible standards. We make sure the glass is cut to size and then tempered. This process often takes several days to complete. Tempered glass can range in thickness from 1/8” to 1/2”. Safety glass is designed to shatter into many small pieces when broken and is commonly found in car doors, shower doors, front doors, sidelights, bathroom windows, and patio furniture.