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We can cut glass in any size or thickness you need. Nobody does smooth edges like Olathe Glass.

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From simple swing shower doors and sliding shower doors to custom designed multi-panel glass shower enclosures.

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Kansas City's best-kept secret. Wall art, mirrors, flowers, picture frames and more, including custom design!

Flat Glass

Installing custom glass in homes for over 35 years, Olathe Glass & Home Décor is Kansas City’s preferred customized glass provider.  We specialize in custom-made glass Shower Doors, Table Tops, Mirrors, Beveling, Cabinet Glass, whatever your custom-glass needs. Olathe Glass provides the best selection with the best service.

Whether you need square-cut or rectangle cut glass, circle or oval-cut glass or perhaps you need your glass cut to a custom shape, Olathe Glass can cut glass to meet YOUR specifications. The finished product is never sharp; you can choose a seamed edge, a smooth flat polish, or beveling is also an option on glass that is ¼” or thicker.

From tempered glass to tinted glass, bevel cut to flat polished edges. Any way you want or need your glass customized, Olathe Glass offers glass in a large variety of finishes, edges, sizes, colors, textures and thicknesses.

The best place to view all of our options is in our store, located at 510 E. Santa Fe near downtown Olathe. Once there, you can speak to any of our custom-glass specialists and place your order.  Our turn-around is typically a week to 10 business days, although some custom orders may take longer.

Not sure what size of glass you need?  Feel free to bring in your window frame, cabinet door or your piece of furniture or template.  Don’t let the glass selection options intimidate you.  Call, or stop by our store and we will be happy to walk you through the process!  Click here for our contact information.

Thickness of Glass we offer:

3/32” (Also referred to as Single Strength)
SS Glass cannot be tempered therefore cannot be used in a door or sidelight.
Clear glass only
Common uses: storm window glass and picture frames

1/8” (Also referred to as Double Strength)
Available tempered or annealed, many patterns and tints
Common uses:  windows, doors, sidelights cabinet doors

Available tempered or annealed, many patterns and tints
Common uses: doors, sidelights, cabinets, builder-grade shower door

Available tempered or annealed, many patterns and tints
Common uses: protective furniture tops, shower doors,  small shelving

Available tempered or annealed, many patterns and tints
Common uses: furniture tops, shower doors, shelving

Available tempered or annealed, clear only
Common uses: furniture tops, shower doors, shelving

Annealed only, Clear only
Common uses: table tops, suspended top

Custom Mirror Thickness Options

1/8” Mirror
Clear only, seamed edge only
Common uses: back of a cabinet, cabinet door, furniture faces, and small-framed pieces

1/4” Mirror
Clear and Bronze
This thickness comes standard with a beautiful flat polish, A bevel an also be added to this thickness of mirror from ½” to 1 ½”
Common uses: Vanity Mirrors, Door Mirrors, Framed Mirrors, and Furniture Tops.


BY FEDERAL LAW – Any glass going in a door, sidelight or bathroom MUST BE A SAFETY GLASS

Tempered is the most common type of safety glass.  The glass is cut to size then tempered. This process will take several days at the least.  After the tempering process, the glass cannot be altered.  Tempered glass is offered in thickness 1/8” to ½”. This glass is designed to shatter into many small pieces when broken.  This is commonly found in a car door-window, shower doors, front doors, sidelights, bathroom windows, and patio furniture.  It is always a good idea to temper any glass that a child or person could fall into.

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass with a lamination film between them.  This glass is used in car windshields- designed to stay intact when broken.  A minimum thickness of ¼” but can be custom ordered up to 1” thick

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