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Ask Bob about Shower Bases

tiled-shower-ask-bobBefore tearing out a bath it is best to plan out and order your supplies for the remodel. Some materials can take up to 4 weeks- so it is best to have them ordered prior to tear out.


The Shower Base is one of the most important units of a bathroom. It will get wet every day and stay wet longer than any other fixture in the room. There are several ways to construct the shower base. I have torn out a lot of bathrooms and from my experience- I will share with you what remains leak free and looks great for the long term.


I DO NOT RECOMMEND A TILED SHOWER BASE! Because tile has grout joints, it is guaranteed to be porous and eventually liners leak. Shower bases have standing water when in use. Grout allows water to seep in. The water does not have adequate time to dry out between uses. It can take months of no use for a tile shower base to dry out completely. The seeping will cause mildew and mold build up that is accompanied by a distinct odor.


I like the concept of the one-piece shower pan however; in the long term it is not the best product. Fiberglass pans can be flimsy- pulling away from the wall when a heavy person enters. The coating of a fiberglass pan will wear off, making cleaning more difficult. And, a white fiberglass pan? Well, it just looks cheap.


Onyx Pans [click here to visit the Onyx Collection website] Made in Kansas, this product is the best on the market. It is a one-piece- heavy-duty shower pan. Because they offer over 50 color choices- matching or contrasting the color to your floor/wall tile is easy. This allows the pan to have a more customized look - not a cheap look. The cleaning of this product is simple. In my personal shower- I simply take a magic eraser and in 3 minutes it is back to looking new. Onyx comes in many standard sizes and customization is an option. It is about the same as tile if it is a standard size. If it is custom, it will be more expensive than tiling the pan however, the time it takes to install and maintain it is well worth the extra expense in the beginning. It is simple to install. The pan will sit on the sub floor of the room and sit against the studs of the wall. I do recommend shimming the base to level and using a thinset to secure the base in place. Because this is the first component to be installed into your room - it is important that it does not move. The Onyx pan can be ordered with the drain kit or you can provide your own. In addition to this kit- I recommend replacing the pee trap to line up perfectly to the new drain. Without a perfect alignment the drain may not seal correctly. [click here to view Onyx Collection install videos]


Because the shower base determines the size of the shower, this is a good time to look at your room and ask yourself,-can I make the shower any larger? This product does take about 3 weeks to produce- but well worth the wait. I also recommend looking at the color sample in person.  You can bring your tile to the shop to compare with the swatches that we have or you can check out a sample ring and make your decision. The Onyx Pan comes with a lifetime guarantee against cracking or pealing of the finish. If you were to chip or damage the finish it can be repaired. Olathe Glass & Home Décor is an Onyx Dealer. We can order your base for pick up at the shop for DIY’ers. We will only deliver and install your base if we are contracted to remodel the entire shower. Click here to request an estimate, or call to make an appointment with Bob for your bathroom remodeling needs and DIY questions.


At least one Saturday a month (typically the 2nd Saturday), Bob will be dedicating his day to answering your bathroom remodel DIY questions. Either come by the store, or call to make an appointment.  Make sure to bring your pictures!!
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