Window Repair
One of the specialties at Olathe Glass is Window repair.  Simply bring your window by our shop, and we will replace the glass! STORM WINDOW/ BASEMENT WINDOW Storm Windows can be dropped off for repair at any time.  We do all repairs in the shop and our turn-around in non-peak weeks is usually 3-5 days.  We can repair glass, most frame styles, corners, latchkeys and gaskets.   With an example of style we are also able to make a replacement storm window.  We try to repair basement windows ASAP and we also supply replacement basement windows. INSULATED UNIT Many prime windows on the home have what is called an insulated unit in the window.  This is 2 pieces of glass with a metal spacer between them.  It is vacuum sealed and is considered 1 unit when manufactured.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND REPLACING JUST ONE SIDE.  We understand the desire to replace just one side but it is not a good solution.  By doing this the window has lost its seal and will fog up in due time.  To be done properly, the unit- both panes and the spacer must be replaced.  We provide this service in our shop.  It takes approximately 3-5 days to manufacture and replace the unit. If your window has only one broken pane or is failed “fogged up”, we recommend bringing the window in for a measure- this takes about 10 to 20 minutes.  After the measure the window can be reinstalled to secure the home.  We will then call when the unit arrives and you can bring the frame in to have the unit replaced- Please allow 2-3 hours. If both panes are broken we will keep the frame and you would need to secure the opening in the home. Insulated units come in many different colors and thickness.  Please come by our store or contact us for more information.
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