Screen Repair
Did you know that Olathe Glass Co. offers Screen Repair at our Shop?  We can make new screens including thin-rail screens windows or wide-rail screens screened-in porches. Below are the types of SCREEN that we offer: Aluminum Wire Window Screen Available in a Charcoal Finish or Aluminum finish, the main advantage to aluminum over fiberglass is the wear and tear.  Grasshoppers feed on fiberglass screen where wire, they leave alone.  Wire is also a stronger screen and will not rot with age. Sun Shade Window Screen A UV-protective screening that allows visibility with the advantage of cutting down on direct sun light. It is made of nylon and will not dent, crease or be eaten by the bugs that you are keeping out. Pet Screen A heavy, durable nylon screen,. allowing visibility with the advantage of not being dented or creased by scruffy. Samples of all screening material can we obtained at the Olathe Glass Co. store.
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