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April 4, 2014 Bathroom Remodel
ask-bob250Ever considered knocking out a closet wall to accommodate a larger shower enclosure, but you just aren't sure where to begin?  Starting in April, Bob will be dedicating at least one day per month to answer YOUR DIY questions. From shower structure questions to shower pan and enclosure suggestions and current plumbing standards, Bob can answer your bathroom remodel questions. April 12th, 10a-4p. Make an appointment or simply drop by the store.  Bring your pictures and measurements.  
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  1. Do you work on bathrooms start to finish? Either way we’ll need one large pane of glass for our shower enclosure. The shower enclosure is roughly 80″H X 68″W X 48″D. We only want a single pane 78″H, but out of the 68″W how many inches would we need to walk in to the shower? That will effect the total width of the glass panel. If we have a 28″ entry that would leave 40″W glass. I also want the glass to be about 2″ off the floor and as frameless as possible. End product will be close to 78″ X 40″, is there a estimate you could share?

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